Small Town Ponderings: Part Three

Small towns revel in toxic family-like communities that embrace those that fulfill a set of requirements, but spurns and reinforces the status quo in harmful ways towards outsiders.  I moved to my small midwest town during my freshman year of highschool from the south. The cultural differences aren’t too far off from what I’ve known,Continue reading “Small Town Ponderings: Part Three”

Small Town Ponderings: Part Two

Tourist trap small towns are the perfect place for that road rage, so often concealed during winter, to bubble up in near accidents and dangerous tailgating.  Every year, tourists from all over the world load up in long tour buses, windows black as soot and stickers peeling away from the bus’s metal, too scratched upContinue reading “Small Town Ponderings: Part Two”

Small Town Ponderings: Part 1

They are an interesting thing, such a midwest thing, such a drive-to-the-city-several- hours-away thing. They are like iron traps, small towns, tucked away in another century while having all the luxuries of the modern day. Yet, these pieces of the past cling to the elderly of the population who desire to have as little changeContinue reading “Small Town Ponderings: Part 1”