Slipping on daydreams

Where I have fallen into daydreams and fantasies parallel to the world I do not live in, it leaves me in such a stupor that I awaken from it with an unshakeable sadness. To fall and fall is to batter the corners of my mind until I slowly unfurl. The beckoning promises of dreams isContinue reading “Slipping on daydreams”

The Wilds

I dream of wildernesses so green, it burns the back of my eyes. Of emeralds deep and lush, sinking into the shades of the world to be an overlooked mystery. Of delicate ferns overlapping one another like sheer lace, each leaf spread into a duplicated nervous system of creatures passed that have escaped human eyesContinue reading “The Wilds”

The Analytical Creative: A Thought on Writing

Art is such a subjective term. I mostly consider my writing shit scraped out of my brain, rather than “art.”  So application of such a term to my creations seems negligible to me. However, I am influenced by the literal definitions of art as it is consumed in the vast rhetoric of the population, whichContinue reading “The Analytical Creative: A Thought on Writing”

Karma is a Bitch, but Not in the Way you Think

Every karmic cycle is like a candle burned to the wick; fighting to stay lit in the chaos of the world. It is one belief that tricks the mind with illusions of everything good, banquets of love filled to the brim of the sweetest treats. Temperance to understand and to rule the wailing soldiers longContinue reading “Karma is a Bitch, but Not in the Way you Think”

Death Revived

The gates of hell are full Of whispers of who we were Promises ripped from vines sweet And forgotten retribution The wolf howls  With flowers in its mouth Teardrops of petals Hears no echo Chilled in sky graves Of fever dreams To lay with the fallen soldiers Dragon mountainous death The poppy, red, red, redContinue reading “Death Revived”

Midnight Walker

I wonder in what lucid dream I will find that moving shadow, merging with the cracks of everything forgotten in-between. The dreams that sink too deeply leave me unsettled whenI wake but they are the closest I come to truth.   When I first felt it, I stood in the half floated school of my childhood.Continue reading “Midnight Walker”


We are born of dirt Sticky as maggots to death And whether we are stars Cannot be said Faint against the sky It is you and I  Fragile on the rock Burning a hole through the earth It is you and I Swallowing shards of lies Until they pierce our throats  And we can noContinue reading “Nightcrawler”

I think about the way you are

You will grow old and wither before me, dying like a fragile light. Your wrinkles will compress tightly against your skull as the flame beats the carved wood to ash. Your eyes will become sunken and obscured by white ash like snow on your eyelashes. My death seems infinite like a star that died manyContinue reading “I think about the way you are”


Tell me how it’s suppose to be.  They say the older you get, the more the years blur together. Less milestones, I’ve heard, and I suppose that’s true. Every year until my eighteenth birthday felt like a milestone. Age eleven, graduated elementary school. Age fourteen, graduated middle school. Sweet sixteen, sixteen going on seventeen. Eighteen;Continue reading “Checklist”