The heart is a soft place Valleys full of memories  Pressed deeply into the plush pillow-top shade Of daisies plucked yellow To rivers of capillaries pumping diamond-flesh Tissue like belladonna, breathing mined opal Handspun to fleeting ghosts Painting the mirage of ticking towers, passing time But the cool hand-drawn skin Is dipping into the shadows,Continue reading “Doppelganger”

Like Rosemary and Thyme

The gaze is blotted in places red To peer through hollow doorways Knowing souls, and those with thin standing With their heart and with their world To receive split mirages of words  Double lives behind double eyes Do not know when their mouth moves In tandem with sour beings To speak of the devil withContinue reading “Like Rosemary and Thyme”

Shut your mouth, unkindly and truly yours

Bitterness is the taste of the words you sayTo announce your opinion like the world’s seas split for youLike the skies open their shining grace Onto the swirl of your skullLike the sweetness, melting candy sweetIs in the blasphemy that decorates the corners of your mouthAnd did you feel the weight of mountains move beneathContinue reading “Shut your mouth, unkindly and truly yours”


Weakness is the shallow bruises Pale beneath the facade of your character; It is in the way the cruel smirk you wear Cannot hide beneath your tears And the way it stretched uncontrolled, manically thin When you hurt me And weakness is the depth of your soul Unable to carry the wisp of truth TheContinue reading “Weakness”

Eye of the Storm

If the sea could speak, it would weep Ships capsize all the time People wash away to far-away places, two rungs on the ladder Coffins rip from the ground Hurricanes marry the wind and sky For the bottom of sea, dark and black Wishes for the kisses of day’s sunlight Clouds that spin the needleContinue reading “Eye of the Storm”