Wind in the sea instead of the sky

The trail is long From where your ancestor stepped before mine, And meters marked on the stone-cliffed walls Shores broken and scattered locked hearts, Hearts to never be unlocked in piss-filled corpses; Mother’s tears caught in the wind storm Like the clouds that whisper sweet London fog and colony muddied and deep In the carnageContinue reading “Wind in the sea instead of the sky”

Spaces, places, and unspoken definitions

What are you? I mean The slurred stars gathered at the horizon Or the papers shuttered closed,  Between window seal and gray doors Hidden waterfalls, a delicate surprise Balanced on top of memory; Words and thoughts,  Being and unbeing Split here and there, With nowhere to go; Am I the words you hear, The sightsContinue reading “Spaces, places, and unspoken definitions”

Paradise Falls

Stars rest on the tight lid of paradise Rising and sinking with eons of light; Drinking the soothing words of love Tasting of blooming roses and hues of blue; To shine through the invisible layer of heavens Stacked high past the cumulus clouds Settling viridian and clementine where the sky meets; Feeling for a momentContinue reading “Paradise Falls”

All shades of blue

Detachment is stiff water Rising to the ceiling Drowning, until the burst of cellular regeneration Grows gills, long fins, scales To float in nothing Cast away to islands of thought Boats of people, clutch in familiarity Wave after wave Until they set behind the horizon Watching as everything passes Like water slipping through fingers Angel-dustedContinue reading “All shades of blue”