Karma is a Bitch, but Not in the Way you Think

Every karmic cycle is like a candle burned to the wick; fighting to stay lit in the chaos of the world. It is one belief that tricks the mind with illusions of everything good, banquets of love filled to the brim of the sweetest treats. Temperance to understand and to rule the wailing soldiers longContinue reading “Karma is a Bitch, but Not in the Way you Think”


We are born of dirt Sticky as maggots to death And whether we are stars Cannot be said Faint against the sky It is you and I  Fragile on the rock Burning a hole through the earth It is you and I Swallowing shards of lies Until they pierce our throats  And we can noContinue reading “Nightcrawler”

The Moon Lives in the Sea of Nightmares

I’m afraid of the moonlight that cast the bloodied monsters across my walls,  their legs drawn out like mummified spiders, crystal liquid DDT in their exoskeletons, that whispers about the angelic graveyards with broken nets and wooden fishing rods, their thin threads tangled and confused starving souls like star crossed lovers, and leaves a thickContinue reading “The Moon Lives in the Sea of Nightmares”

Forest Fortuna Adiuvat

Sometimes at night, I wake up breathless.  And in that breathless state, I see things; ghouls, ghosts, inhuman things that have long faded to myths and nightmares, to crawl around the corner of disbelief. Often I stare confused, dreams leftover in my brain too cloudy to process, but my heart beats rapidly enough to tellContinue reading “Forest Fortuna Adiuvat”


Tell me how it’s suppose to be.  They say the older you get, the more the years blur together. Less milestones, I’ve heard, and I suppose that’s true. Every year until my eighteenth birthday felt like a milestone. Age eleven, graduated elementary school. Age fourteen, graduated middle school. Sweet sixteen, sixteen going on seventeen. Eighteen;Continue reading “Checklist”


Without speaking, in long moments of silence. turning inward lays all the inner workings of my heart bare, with only myself to interpret it. And with the small pieces of introspection that slides through the clouded gaze of bias, these inner thoughts are worked and reworked until they change into something unknown.  These parts, soContinue reading “Anger”

A Thought on Rain

I found an old journal entry that I’m reminded of every year as summer looms and it goes as follows: I’m still working through the whirlwind of emotions this week has brought. My tears bring me too much comfort and I refuse to speak my anxieties into existence today, so they will not be written.Continue reading “A Thought on Rain”