An Envelope full of half-written memoirs

When no one protects you I was given strong words too young.  “I hate you,” spit between the thin lips of my aunt, whose blown pupils delighted the car ride between towns with absurd humiliation.  Hills passed in the window behind her, fading in and out of shadow paths cast by the setting sun. HerContinue reading “An Envelope full of half-written memoirs”

I was too afraid

Little Rows of Flowers There’s a reason people turn their noses in disgust driving by their high school in their little hometown. Mine’s always been a spitball towards the slimy administration and teachers, hoping my pain would give them the strength to crawl closer to the next paycheck.  The crown was always worn by thoseContinue reading “I was too afraid”


Yesterday The biting wind chill blew leaves against my window and the tapping reminded me of the nighttime horror so long ago. Of lying awake in my bed too afraid to move as you climbed up the stairs at the crest of dawn, sniggering under your breath.  Then the way you lied, two-faced folly, waterContinue reading “Passing”

Bourbon, Time, and Roses

Banned “I wake up in an abyss,” is the sentence that got me in trouble.  It was the unfiltered thoughts of someone with depression.  It was the sentence that embarrassed me.  It was the thing that told me no one would help me.  It was my punishment for not lying about how I would overcomeContinue reading “Bourbon, Time, and Roses”

If I were to drift to sea

Lately, my words have fallen between the cracks. They have gone ignored, glossed over, and twisted into shapes I do not recognize them in anymore.  These words are my intentions, my thoughts, my emotions; they are the pieces of me I speak to the world.  And I have been shattered, yet I pick the piecesContinue reading “If I were to drift to sea”

A Thought on Interpersonal Activism

I’ve been told throughout my life that if I’m really passionate about something, then I should participate in activism. While activism is an important part of planting the seed of change (and enabling capitalist systems), the scale is not conducive for everyone.  Activism occupies a larger platform, one that requires money, time, and energy thatContinue reading “A Thought on Interpersonal Activism”

To love and love again

Love is a blanket always warm on the coldest days of winter, able to steer the infliction of self away from the damage of the heart. It is the beaming light streaking across the library floor, pooled in the corner of floating dust and worn pages of bound books held together by the oil ofContinue reading “To love and love again”

Why I think Astrology is Feminist

Astrology is often assigned to the category of psychedelic witches rejected from society and scamming people into believing in a false practice. In many spaces, astrology is mocked as being a pseudo or a girly voodoo science.  However, I believe that there is a deeper connection to the cultural side of astrology that deepens theContinue reading “Why I think Astrology is Feminist”

Burn to nothing

There are many interesting studies that delve into the emergence of anxiety and depression in early childhood, ending in the finding that trauma informs the subconscious or inner child to later develop mental disorders.  Others conclude that the seed is within us from the day we are born. The debate warring and wrestling with theContinue reading “Burn to nothing”