Yesterday and one day less

The tears choke waves  undulating through the desert, To dried wells  buried beneath the colosseum;  Somewhere I believe  Between shadows looming and dreams pinned  on the board of summer wind and frosted pine broken by the eaves of frozen creeks and sagebrush dusted meadows,  Driving somewhere I believe;  Heart lead pulsing just barely,  Head poundingContinue reading “Yesterday and one day less”

Train Tickets

Human dignity rubbed between two coinsMeasured on the long shadows stretchedTicking time marked on sheets of paper,White-shaded across the pale blue sky;Punched tickets littering the stationOf life and death, trampled beneath feetUntil they turn a yellow path, building year after yearAnd the train master becomes better at selling the tickets and finding loose changeBetween theContinue reading “Train Tickets”

Hot Rich Kid Money

Opportunity and knowledge is a privilege,  one that is the inheritance passed from the 1800s smoking pipe  of a second son calling home, to the blind Maseratis trailing fire down the back alleys.  Tickets and lawyers can be bought,  but at the expense of the whole system careening into the unknown as the absurd wishesContinue reading “Hot Rich Kid Money”