Ode to Ecchymosis (In Name)

The feeling that makes candles bow where webs of silvery spiders lay their eggs Pulling away in long invisible strands Humming as their offspring burrow To push on it and remember the clipped wings of an  imaginary griffin The mummified childrens’ books White and black and beige and tan Broken lines of infinity singing inContinue reading “Ode to Ecchymosis (In Name)”

Karma is a Bitch, but Not in the Way you Think

Every karmic cycle is like a candle burned to the wick; fighting to stay lit in the chaos of the world. It is one belief that tricks the mind with illusions of everything good, banquets of love filled to the brim of the sweetest treats. Temperance to understand and to rule the wailing soldiers longContinue reading “Karma is a Bitch, but Not in the Way you Think”


Without speaking, in long moments of silence. turning inward lays all the inner workings of my heart bare, with only myself to interpret it. And with the small pieces of introspection that slides through the clouded gaze of bias, these inner thoughts are worked and reworked until they change into something unknown.  These parts, soContinue reading “Anger”

Rotted Clover: A Take on Dissociation

I am rotten clover, too dark of a green in the field of colors happy as spring.  For all that I am, curled to some pathetic degree, offer very little to the scenes of people dotting the trail of my life. Their judgments dot the memories of my brain, like holes in cheese, acid throughContinue reading “Rotted Clover: A Take on Dissociation”

Ecosystems of Living

Death is like every attempt at authority that I cut down. It is fear that binds the loose to the detriment of living; of wandering in the apocalypse of hopeless romances of life full of success and validation. Death is such the looseness that defines where I cannot be, and that looseness devolves to chaos. Continue reading “Ecosystems of Living”