The Moon Lives in the Sea of Nightmares

I’m afraid of the moonlight that cast the bloodied monsters across my walls,  their legs drawn out like mummified spiders, crystal liquid DDT in their exoskeletons, that whispers about the angelic graveyards with broken nets and wooden fishing rods, their thin threads tangled and confused starving souls like star crossed lovers, and leaves a thickContinue reading “The Moon Lives in the Sea of Nightmares”

Forest Fortuna Adiuvat

Sometimes at night, I wake up breathless.  And in that breathless state, I see things; ghouls, ghosts, inhuman things that have long faded to myths and nightmares, to crawl around the corner of disbelief. Often I stare confused, dreams leftover in my brain too cloudy to process, but my heart beats rapidly enough to tellContinue reading “Forest Fortuna Adiuvat”

Sea Bird

Broken bird, high on the mountain Where the green-blue lakes swam with your reflection And the willow-sad reeds brushed your feathers Off into the endless sky,  Sapphires dripping off your wings The eyeless wind against your beak Like an ungrounded angel Soft and dainty stretched from wing tip to tip Ropes tight across your chest,Continue reading “Sea Bird”