Karma is a Bitch, but Not in the Way you Think

Every karmic cycle is like a candle burned to the wick; fighting to stay lit in the chaos of the world. It is one belief that tricks the mind with illusions of everything good, banquets of love filled to the brim of the sweetest treats. Temperance to understand and to rule the wailing soldiers longContinue reading “Karma is a Bitch, but Not in the Way you Think”

Lies Among the Stars Ch. 1: Those that Say Nothing

It was a few days before the start of the semester for Michigan State University, where the crisp air of fall threatened the leaves and wind of warm summer days. Lila’s dorm room curtains tapered out of the small window, the flap of the curled fabric wrapping itself around the ledge, in and out, inContinue reading “Lies Among the Stars Ch. 1: Those that Say Nothing”

Midnight Walker

I wonder in what lucid dream I will find that moving shadow, merging with the cracks of everything forgotten in-between. The dreams that sink too deeply leave me unsettled whenI wake but they are the closest I come to truth.   When I first felt it, I stood in the half floated school of my childhood.Continue reading “Midnight Walker”

Prologue: Lies Among the Stars

The hallways leaned together, the walls a blur where the brick met tile, and where the wall met the floor. The sound of the high pitched siren echoed in the space untouched by the wavering walls, the unending ring slurred across the imitation lanterns. The sound of packing students was but a silence to oneContinue reading “Prologue: Lies Among the Stars”


We are born of dirt Sticky as maggots to death And whether we are stars Cannot be said Faint against the sky It is you and I  Fragile on the rock Burning a hole through the earth It is you and I Swallowing shards of lies Until they pierce our throats  And we can noContinue reading “Nightcrawler”

I think about the way you are

You will grow old and wither before me, dying like a fragile light. Your wrinkles will compress tightly against your skull as the flame beats the carved wood to ash. Your eyes will become sunken and obscured by white ash like snow on your eyelashes. My death seems infinite like a star that died manyContinue reading “I think about the way you are”

Children Forgotten

A Deer The rustling sounds stilled her, drawing her eye line between the wilting and sorrowful leaves drenched in sunlight grasping onto eschew branches.  The brush was almost too thick to peer through, but she caught the movement of antlers stretched into the sky above; white like milk, clear against the green. A deer’s faceContinue reading “Children Forgotten”

Forest Fortuna Adiuvat

Sometimes at night, I wake up breathless.  And in that breathless state, I see things; ghouls, ghosts, inhuman things that have long faded to myths and nightmares, to crawl around the corner of disbelief. Often I stare confused, dreams leftover in my brain too cloudy to process, but my heart beats rapidly enough to tellContinue reading “Forest Fortuna Adiuvat”