An Envelope full of half-written memoirs

When no one protects you I was given strong words too young.  “I hate you,” spit between the thin lips of my aunt, whose blown pupils delighted the car ride between towns with absurd humiliation.  Hills passed in the window behind her, fading in and out of shadow paths cast by the setting sun. HerContinue reading “An Envelope full of half-written memoirs”

Bourbon, Time, and Roses

Banned “I wake up in an abyss,” is the sentence that got me in trouble.  It was the unfiltered thoughts of someone with depression.  It was the sentence that embarrassed me.  It was the thing that told me no one would help me.  It was my punishment for not lying about how I would overcomeContinue reading “Bourbon, Time, and Roses”

I hope you’re miserable

Saturday I remember Halloween being on Saturday in the year of everything going swell and nothing ever going wrong 2020.  And every year I stand in front of the mirror pulling out clothes in my wardrobe that have not seen the light of day since they hung on a rack at the store.  And sinceContinue reading “I hope you’re miserable”

Tipped is the heart-shaped mountain

When the sun sinks low to the heavy horizon, never to close its stern sleepy eyes, the cascade of shadows sweep across the mountains of the valley where I live until pointed peaked-tops are colored black.  So many settle in the country hills, the isolation of towns spread out for miles, to pick up andContinue reading “Tipped is the heart-shaped mountain”

Spirit of Trees

The babbling brook winds through roots dislocated from the ground and rocks smooth as glass appearing above the surface of the water, reflecting sunlight in half-moon shades of honey-golden yellows and pearls that slip onto ripples to sleep downstream. Old trees, willowy and thin, twist into shapes clutching onto the silk soil of the brook’sContinue reading “Spirit of Trees”

Burn to nothing

There are many interesting studies that delve into the emergence of anxiety and depression in early childhood, ending in the finding that trauma informs the subconscious or inner child to later develop mental disorders.  Others conclude that the seed is within us from the day we are born. The debate warring and wrestling with theContinue reading “Burn to nothing”

Slipping on daydreams

Where I have fallen into daydreams and fantasies parallel to the world I do not live in, it leaves me in such a stupor that I awaken from it with an unshakeable sadness. To fall and fall is to batter the corners of my mind until I slowly unfurl. The beckoning promises of dreams isContinue reading “Slipping on daydreams”

Where we end up

It was early in the morning when the grand Shaman came to fetch him. The morning sun had barely peaked above the horizon, painting the lower sky hues of purples and pinks fading into the dark blue star-covered night. Early rays of sunshine kissed the branches of the weeping willows, casting infantile shadows upon theContinue reading “Where we end up”

Lies Among the Stars Ch. 2: Those that Judge

Lila had spent the better half of her morning scrubbing eggs off her door and the carpet. Since she didn’t have cleaning supplies, she took thin brown paper towels from the shared bathroom to slowly soak up the mess, until she had a mountain next to her feet.  When she felt she had cleaned asContinue reading “Lies Among the Stars Ch. 2: Those that Judge”