Lies Among the Stars Ch. 1: Those that Say Nothing

It was a few days before the start of the semester for Michigan State University, where the crisp air of fall threatened the leaves and wind of warm summer days. Lila’s dorm room curtains tapered out of the small window, the flap of the curled fabric wrapping itself around the ledge, in and out, inContinue reading “Lies Among the Stars Ch. 1: Those that Say Nothing”

Prologue: Lies Among the Stars

The hallways leaned together, the walls a blur where the brick met tile, and where the wall met the floor. The sound of the high pitched siren echoed in the space untouched by the wavering walls, the unending ring slurred across the imitation lanterns. The sound of packing students was but a silence to oneContinue reading “Prologue: Lies Among the Stars”