Status check- probably not

Self-destruction I love to indulge in self-destructive behaviors by scrolling through the “about me” pages on other people’s blogs, instagram, and magical link-post websites just to remind myself of the only accomplishment I have to date, which is living with two different types of depression.  But even as I read through other people’s accomplishments, IContinue reading “Status check- probably not”

A Thought on Interpersonal Activism

I’ve been told throughout my life that if I’m really passionate about something, then I should participate in activism. While activism is an important part of planting the seed of change (and enabling capitalist systems), the scale is not conducive for everyone.  Activism occupies a larger platform, one that requires money, time, and energy thatContinue reading “A Thought on Interpersonal Activism”

Why I think Astrology is Feminist

Astrology is often assigned to the category of psychedelic witches rejected from society and scamming people into believing in a false practice. In many spaces, astrology is mocked as being a pseudo or a girly voodoo science.  However, I believe that there is a deeper connection to the cultural side of astrology that deepens theContinue reading “Why I think Astrology is Feminist”