Spirit of Trees

The babbling brook winds through roots dislocated from the ground and rocks smooth as glass appearing above the surface of the water, reflecting sunlight in half-moon shades of honey-golden yellows and pearls that slip onto ripples to sleep downstream. Old trees, willowy and thin, twist into shapes clutching onto the silk soil of the brook’sContinue reading “Spirit of Trees”

Where we end up

It was early in the morning when the grand Shaman came to fetch him. The morning sun had barely peaked above the horizon, painting the lower sky hues of purples and pinks fading into the dark blue star-covered night. Early rays of sunshine kissed the branches of the weeping willows, casting infantile shadows upon theContinue reading “Where we end up”

Children Forgotten

A Deer The rustling sounds stilled her, drawing her eye line between the wilting and sorrowful leaves drenched in sunlight grasping onto eschew branches.  The brush was almost too thick to peer through, but she caught the movement of antlers stretched into the sky above; white like milk, clear against the green. A deer’s faceContinue reading “Children Forgotten”