I think about the way you are

You will grow old and wither before me, dying like a fragile light. Your wrinkles will compress tightly against your skull as the flame beats the carved wood to ash. Your eyes will become sunken and obscured by white ash like snow on your eyelashes. My death seems infinite like a star that died manyContinue reading “I think about the way you are”

Forest Fortuna Adiuvat

Sometimes at night, I wake up breathless.  And in that breathless state, I see things; ghouls, ghosts, inhuman things that have long faded to myths and nightmares, to crawl around the corner of disbelief. Often I stare confused, dreams leftover in my brain too cloudy to process, but my heart beats rapidly enough to tellContinue reading “Forest Fortuna Adiuvat”


I’ve asked myself, prostrated on this throne of all the memories of the times I’ve cursed my own name, to what it means to even exist. The courses of hatred run so deep within myself, and yet it is this final rejection that makes me fear none; the stone that casts the largest shadow avoidsContinue reading “Shameless”

A Thought on Rain

I found an old journal entry that I’m reminded of every year as summer looms and it goes as follows: I’m still working through the whirlwind of emotions this week has brought. My tears bring me too much comfort and I refuse to speak my anxieties into existence today, so they will not be written.Continue reading “A Thought on Rain”