Sleeping Willows

The resting Styx  Parrots the sky Stuck in time Floating ash and pulling leaves of thyme To count and measure All the individual pleasures Human and inhumane Plucked and discarded To wash ashore, kindred gallow Beneath the sleeping willows 


Those that are farthest In the melting pot of emotions To be dreamed and feathered away to ash Cling to the ideals of tomorrow With gems fixated in the cornea  Of the twinkle in the sky Pale reflections, crystal as solace Calm as illusions cast in the shape  Molded by futures And every possibility toContinue reading “Space”

I was too afraid

Little Rows of Flowers There’s a reason people turn their noses in disgust driving by their high school in their little hometown. Mine’s always been a spitball towards the slimy administration and teachers, hoping my pain would give them the strength to crawl closer to the next paycheck.  The crown was always worn by thoseContinue reading “I was too afraid”


Yesterday The biting wind chill blew leaves against my window and the tapping reminded me of the nighttime horror so long ago. Of lying awake in my bed too afraid to move as you climbed up the stairs at the crest of dawn, sniggering under your breath.  Then the way you lied, two-faced folly, waterContinue reading “Passing”

All shades of blue

Detachment is stiff water Rising to the ceiling Drowning, until the burst of cellular regeneration Grows gills, long fins, scales To float in nothing Cast away to islands of thought Boats of people, clutch in familiarity Wave after wave Until they set behind the horizon Watching as everything passes Like water slipping through fingers Angel-dustedContinue reading “All shades of blue”

Beginning at the end

The end of the road Is where Is why I gave up on you It is where the bruises never healed Valleys of half-truths and half-lies To talk some sense to me Looking for love in places It shouldn’t be Is why


Ambition is gray squares Impeccable suits, tailored cuff links Shiny sleek cars, black as shade The displayed golden trophy Wife, tucked nearly out of sight Silver rings, silver dealings Closed marketing strategies  Deadlines and red ink running Down the page

Dark Soul

A dark night of the soulA fissure to floatAnd feel the world as twoAs one not with yourselfBut with stars lingeringOn the edges of the galaxyGreatness is finite and smallIn narrow printsFolded blasted fireworksUnsuited for the ecosystems of livingWhere you’ll never belong


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