Valleys of the mind go to waste In the tresses foul and stench, like the rotting flesh of policy, political mind. Do you only find the salvation of the sniveling kind,  Beneath the barrel, rum, whiskey, chowder, of your bowed flower-power with wills that bend in the breeze as you hang onto the slightest chance, Continue reading “Perchance”


My body is struggle,  And grief and strife pouring down from the great sands of time;  It’s my Polish mother in the fields to feed her children or the cobbler’s wife scraping together and sewing together, scraps to survive and the first chill of zima,  where women knew, they knew the secret marks of strayContinue reading “sisterhood”


Am I the empty nothing With pockets turned  and pain behind my ear,  To ask and beg forgiveness  from the closed fist,  the nightmares where your ugly face Is the putrid scum splashed on the pages of your petty revenge, counted like fickle Feelings of warmth in your heart;  And yet, I feel myself nothingContinue reading “EMPTY<nothing”

you do not get to mourn

You do not get to mourn by the forgotten grievances or the bruises you left;  and the storied challenges dusted by psychological amnesia,  and gas lit stoves to brighten the dark, what you’ve caused  Is but the abuse embedded in yourself reflected onto others You do not get to mourn Snakes do not shed tears,Continue reading “you do not get to mourn”

corner of the world

I stare at the corner of the world Where the lies are cherry sweet,  are the buoyed knots, fishing poles jutting out from the deep;  of Texas summers, muggy, foggy the sound of $10 dimes tinking against the glass window,  swallowed whines of abandoned hounds,  Of wasted, counted, measured, known, rivers three feet wide, threeContinue reading “corner of the world”

Tapering headlines

Morale crumbling, beliefs from breathed tapering headlines. irritated glances from the workplace bench measure for the strength of the soul post by the body’s work, and break the heart pooled, colored disbelief by ivory towers with no ladder but internal structure feeding burned soil, sword shined and polished by the glare of judgmental grace, soContinue reading “Tapering headlines”

Perfection issues

Perfection is a double-bladed thought,  To cast the cobwebbed shadows,  superior ticketed booth To turn sideshow viewing Into a scripted plot;  But all the crumpled papers Litter the ground between church corridors,  and tent mountains, wandering alone; Perfection is wrongly cast characters Paid in nickels and dimes for running A one-man circus For being bothContinue reading “Perfection issues”

Silver bold

The mirror reflects lies and deceit, face-first truth-telling sweets,  pinched between the silver plated  two-faced whispers, mind sated with words “great and be,” With thoughts unfettered, unhappy lurking in the blood trenches,  the shallow one-faced thought And two-headed belief the mirror reflects every Lie and deceit

I. Wishes

If I could reach you on the shores, broken by satellite and fragments Sorrow and joy,  peace and destruction of all I am, could be shattered in faded glass visage to stretch every piece of myself Further, one by one, closer to you and I’d break every bone,  sinking blood, artery  Bend the bent shape,Continue reading “I. Wishes”

Every piece of me

I hope every dream of mine Reaches you I hope every piece of my love Finds you Somewhere beyond this place until we meet again


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