Perfection issues

Perfection is a double-bladed thought,  To cast the cobwebbed shadows,  superior ticketed booth To turn sideshow viewing Into a scripted plot;  But all the crumpled papers Litter the ground between church corridors,  and tent mountains, wandering alone; Perfection is wrongly cast characters Paid in nickels and dimes for running A one-man circus For being bothContinue reading “Perfection issues”

Lingering you

I fear the dreams that wake me To the lingering heart of you,  tantalizing lies and impressed shapes Squared on the toe-lined tribe of my clenched jaw and unaware cold,  night and darkness sweet and bitter I convince myself as I’m pulled under,  You’re still here.  between the nightshade and ivy inlaid where the clarityContinue reading “Lingering you”

Slumdog not-millionaire

Talent goes to die in the slums where cigarette ash reads lines Algebra tables and canterbury tales whisped away by holes in the floor where wind bleeds between the cracks; “Maybe they might be fucking scum” from between the eyebrow blades  cast so high on the shelf of diveted gold,  Horn-rimmed glasses and soured coffeeContinue reading “Slumdog not-millionaire”

For all the blame I can take

Nothing will trump loss The call to which we have no power but spineless, godless creatures Begging for warmth,  Clinging to the begone memory-days of love youth, spring ephemeral  cherry dew drops on the eve of sorrow,  Sickness-clamor tricks of sight  Dipping on the brow of age;  Less wise of time to spoken merits  leavesContinue reading “For all the blame I can take”