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Who I am?

Hello, I am ugly child, a twenty-something suffering through the pain of existing. This is my blog- a little reflective, a little pretentious, and a little casually toeing the line of insanity. I hope that you find something interesting in my daily reflections and exacerbations that are a little fun, off-the-wall, or something in-between. Enjoy the journey (because I certainly will not!). 

So you’ve somehow wandered onto a part of the internet you regret. Maybe good ol’ google search let you down. Well, there is no one certain way I can make you stay, but I hope that you will indulge me for a moment.

What is Ugly Child?

Ugly child is a blog run by yours truly, made up of a collection of pessimistic day-to-day reflections of a twenty-something year old. I do not lead some fancy life in New York penthouses or trekking the world on some life-changing adventure, so I advise you early on to adjust those notions in your head. I’m broke and sad, so those notions should imagine me in a castle in Scotland for my sake.

What is ugly child? A poignant question; thank you so much for asking. Ugly child is me embracing that “ugly” that I have for so long despised in myself. It is not a tailored narrative of a beautiful life, but one that is true to who I am. Amazing optimistic topics such as mental health struggles, trauma, and navigating the day-to-day of similar things will be discussed. In many ways, ugly child is a personal blog that flows with whatever I am feeling.

Ugly child is also making the ugly pretty. It is poetry in writing, unfiltered and raw. It is about discovering the pieces of myself that I thought were lost.

“Two years ago, I thought of myself as an adult. Now, thrown into the abyss, I am a child again.”

I hope that everyone that reads this blog is able to find something worth wild or a piece of themselves.

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