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Two years ago I thought of myself as an adult. Now, thrown into the abyss, I am a child again. 

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On this day in June

Challenged sickly sweet, law-abiding Doe-eyed fool, and red tape the ballot vote with terror dreams; choose the dancing devil or bleeding heart,  Neither do anything but pose  postcards outside clinics and kowtow to false idols;  Fill hotel lobbies with dry lemon-grass  Plastic particulates, rights in a glass jar; Lead them in, show them red, showContinue reading “On this day in June”


Valleys of the mind go to waste In the tresses foul and stench, like the rotting flesh of policy, political mind. Do you only find the salvation of the sniveling kind,  Beneath the barrel, rum, whiskey, chowder, of your bowed flower-power with wills that bend in the breeze as you hang onto the slightest chance, Continue reading “Perchance”


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