please let me out, I’ve lost the key

Self-fulfilled prophecy

So I can self fulfill it 

candy red devils coming out your mouth, 

Ice cold Pepsis on ice silos

and thin coffee straws on the sunshine side, 

Cold years and warm months

With nothing but the sound of glass 

On chalk, and chalk on sidewalks

And written script, habeas corpus 

on the writ, shit

Self-fulfilled prophecies coming out your mouth

nothing time zone flying 

and zone flying sickness

On the metered Fahrenheit outside my window; 

and dreams pieced together 

by dug out buildings and sandlots, 

and drowned seas of frogs 

combined by the air level and ocean level

Mountain level slipping through the silk

Winded, laundry threaded on the wire 

Outside my window

And self dreams with the glistening of LED blue lights

Creaking metal swings 

And unfulfilled things 

and half-eaten sandwiches on the half-side

Full moon and half-gallon of milk

Spilled on the ink-sludge thing

This thing coming out your mouth

are years catered by empty baskets

And basket cases 

Weaved into the sight of silent winter skin

And pinched leather gloves on the sidewalk; 

and nothing out your mouth

So I can self fulfill it

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