Lingering you

I fear the dreams that wake me

To the lingering heart of you, 

tantalizing lies and impressed shapes

Squared on the toe-lined tribe

of my clenched jaw and unaware cold, 

night and darkness sweet and bitter

I convince myself as I’m pulled under, 

You’re still here. 

between the nightshade and ivy inlaid

where the clarity of the world fades, 

I believe in the sigh, the silence

the untruth of being

The being as whole truth; 

where could you be but the shape of my eyelids

on the cognitive spiral, deep beneath

the waves of consciousness

where the wisp of spirit clashes 

spite and happiness;

In the fields of somewhere warm, 

sagebrush mountains and paintbrushed trees

Floating on summer wind and breathing pine needles

the lingering heart of you

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