Hot Rich Kid Money

Opportunity and knowledge is a privilege, 

one that is the inheritance passed

from the 1800s smoking pipe 

of a second son calling home,

to the blind Maseratis trailing fire down the back alleys. 

Tickets and lawyers can be bought, 

but at the expense of the whole system

careening into the unknown

as the absurd wishes of privileges seeing privilege as unknown. 

Heavily tinted black windows 

only show a silver of reality between the sleek doors

sliding together like pieces of paper, 

thoughts and prayers like the grape-smelling vape

dissipating into the arms of a weeping statue. 

On the streets they burn 

Seashells of shores, marked with red tape

Youth, pleasure, and dancing in the moonlight glow

of palaces of empty halls, rising from the underbelly

metal and smoke, choking the pecking pigeons,

Dumped into the dark corridors of rigid coastlines stained black

Just so privilege seeing privilege as unknown;

If I had hot rich kid money, 

The candied lanes of their imagination,

Drowning and radium rotted jaws

Mine collapses and poisoned drinking water

Plastic, plastic, and plastic, 

Would burst into flames

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