Give me a tally

Tally marks beside the gate

Bleeding gems of poppy, 

Advertise neon-green signs

Blinding the snaking roads cradling towers

Spiraling into the peerless sky

Where black coffee drinking thugs

Lose their gaze on the mirror glass, 

Where thousand dollar latte artists draw the tallies;

Cracked sidewalks forget to exist the further they run,

Third eye entities harness all their power except

Wind bowing, machine howling

Silver cranks pushed by calloused hands

That say “please” between the clouds of breath 

Hanging where all the power except

Homes with legs forgetting where they belong

And homes with only legs with no place to rest,

Trash equals what trash equals says the artist

Turning mooch with all the power except

Clocks on windows and wristbands

Wristbands on towers and yellow signs

“Come and see” and “come and buy”

In the undertow cut by plastic scissors

Come and buy scissors with all the power except

Spending all the tallies by the gate,

Bidding on the tight walk war,

Buying all the artists until all the artists accept

And whisper “with all the power except”

Porcelain mugs with thousand dollar thrones

And dividends with no divides,

Secrets wailed into the towers of garbage

From one island to the next, 

With ants perched with no queen, 

Accept with all the power except yours

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