Shut your mouth, unkindly and truly yours

Bitterness is the taste of the words you say
To announce your opinion like the world’s seas split for you
Like the skies open their shining grace
Onto the swirl of your skull
Like the sweetness, melting candy sweet
Is in the blasphemy that decorates the corners of your mouth
And did you feel the weight of mountains move beneath your hand
The judgement of scales tipping
And spilling to the self-righteous poise
The red carpets fabricated from nothing
To help rest your weary feet?
The throne to rest the golden fortuitous genius
Steeples in the stitches, tapestry to tell
Generations in the soft pitched voice
Book gentle by the fire of your mental fortress
Concealing a gem of creation: you
When you, stranger, facades of your kindness in the pinky raised
Called out to me
Did you feel any of that?

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