The night is too long for the drooping moon, I tell you. We lay in the grass, scratching against our backs. 

You laugh at me and we spend the night talking to the trees and the air, listening to the words in between. Dawn climbs up the horizon and we hang to each other, unable to part ways. Laughter, light like salt, echoes in the distance as I watch you step into your vehicle and drive away. 

We magnized towards one another; we were tears that bled black, sister hearts that echoed our dreams to one another, and souls that reincarnated past our purpose. We were songs unsaid and laughter caught in our throats. You were my home. 

There’s a piece that hurts from where you struck me but refuses to forget you. There’s a piece that cannot heal from how much I miss you sometimes. 

To lose a sister is like losing smell; to lose a sister to betrayal is to be thrust back into the universe as a cruel joke. 

Pinned up in the sky is the moon, right were it should be. Soon it will be swallowed by the dawn, yawning my silhouette to the faded azure. 

Hung among the stars there are no bloodied footprints left behind from where I bled. 

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