Why I think Astrology is Feminist

Astrology is often assigned to the category of psychedelic witches rejected from society and scamming people into believing in a false practice. In many spaces, astrology is mocked as being a pseudo or a girly voodoo science. 

However, I believe that there is a deeper connection to the cultural side of astrology that deepens the feminine spirit in groups of people rejected by the expectations of hegemonic religion. 

I think the confines of femininity are confounding; what is defined as femininity is the overall definition given by religion (i.e. women are submissive, fragile, and belong in domestic spaces) and reinforced through male expectation and subsequent validation.  But these definitions occupy such a small scope that the only way to fit into them is to shave away all that that does not fit. Hence, femininity’s social definition is one defined by religion, albeit, more embedded than people like to assume. 

The cultural and social definition of female is masculine, meaning its defined by men. And while the presence of masculinity is also in femininity and vice versa, this masculinity is the perverted view of how men should fit into this system they have created, having almost as many restrictions on them as women. The superstructure, of particularly the church and the media in this case, has made femininity isolating. 

I have done research over the years about the characteristics of abuse, specifically mental and emotional abuse, and one of the key behaviors of an abuser to maintain control over their victim is to inhibit their social relationships. By snipping away friends and family, the perspective of the abuser becomes the tunnel vision in which the victim has to view their world. In what ways is this different from the exercise of women moving through their day?

Very little, to answer that question. Women weaponize friendships under the archaic practice of seeking a suitor (circa. 1800s). The spirit of competition carries to all aspects of a woman’s life; from beauty, intelligence, and personality (“pick me girl”). When women get married, they inadvertently cut all their friends out of their lives. Media enforces through images of women receiving the reward, typically a man or male approval in a male dominated area. 

Religion is often the driving force as a social enforcer in society that hands down the verdict on femininity and acts as a shadowy guiding hand. 

How is the basis of social interaction and exchange suppose to stabilize when bonds are fragile within the female system?

This is where, in my opinion, astrology begins to deviate from the norm. 

Femininity is the main currency. Divination, tarot readings, and palmistry, are all practices rooted in intuition, a female refined sense. What I mean by that is women have needed to rely on their gut feelings to keep them safe and to listen to the voice that does not have strong ties to logical reasoning. 

There are decades of women learning from one another the trades of intuition, some even embedded in our genetic codes. Women have always found ways to live in a man’s world by using the exchange of “evil” practices like intuition and gossip. But these things are also learned from one generation to the next. 

Women are told that they have nothing to fear in a man’s world; a woman will tell you differently. Astrology becomes a language to redefine the world through femininity; it is celebrating that which society has cut away from its definition of femininity.

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