The Analytical Creative: A Thought on Writing

Art is such a subjective term. I mostly consider my writing shit scraped out of my brain, rather than “art.”  So application of such a term to my creations seems negligible to me. However, I am influenced by the literal definitions of art as it is consumed in the vast rhetoric of the population, which often falls into purposeful creation. 

Although, I am not one to blaspheme the arts as strictly a medium for those who purposefully set out to create it. Oftentimes in academic analysis, art is what is observed and reflective of the human experience as passed through perception, rather than the mere projection of soul and heart. The latter speaks to the idea that art is sometimes not purposeful but an extension of self. Seldom does this aspect of “soul” gets defined in traditional literary discussion; it is assumed that the being that creates is willful in purpose, hence that purpose is assigned particular attributes to study. 

Vacillating between purposeful and accidental means very little in a piece that exists without context, or, what those that observe art to be from their myopic gaze. Thus, my definition lies in the realm of the intersection between something existing and its subsequent perception, whether that is good or bad, that parallels some creative representation. 

I had pondered this question to an extent that writing is considered art of words, but not all words are art. Even purposeful storytelling is not considered art if the people that read it define it as entertainment. Writing is consumed in a plethora of ways but how is it defined as art? 

Academia would see art as complexly an object for analysis that demonstrates a unique aspect of society, culture, or history to be encapsulated in its work. Popular consumption would see it as entertainment.  Those that meet in the middle will combine the two as their definition. Writing as art is only the perception of the viewer, and in my experience, can never truly fit in any category; a writer is an analytical creative. 

The act of creating restrictions to the “gate” that passes judgment on what is and isn’t art is against its nature. All the ways that art is defined is the act of trying to understand some third element that can not be pigeon-holed into literary theory or popular entertainment. Definitions of art are antithetical to understanding it; the true opposite to understanding our soul or heart. 

The analytical creative is both purposeful and accidental as the soul can not be separated from our thoughts nor our thoughts from our soul. 

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