Death Revived

The gates of hell are full

Of whispers of who we were

Promises ripped from vines sweet

And forgotten retribution

The wolf howls 

With flowers in its mouth

Teardrops of petals

Hears no echo

Chilled in sky graves

Of fever dreams

To lay with the fallen soldiers

Dragon mountainous death

The poppy, red, red, red

Bleeds from my mouth

To rivers poisoned by

The world folded

And there it lands on the stone

Three crows and a wolf

Shadows to stars

Tears long forgotten

A line wraps around the gate

Wails of blistered souls

Fractured by life

Veins broken from hazy visions

Darling, the gates of hell are full

But you can not see the hand 

Skeletal around your throat

To measure the notches of your spine

Fog is the abyss to the underworld

The roads are no longer open

All that is forgiven in death, is death revived

I will see you there

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