We are born of dirt

Sticky as maggots to death

And whether we are stars

Cannot be said

Faint against the sky

It is you and I 

Fragile on the rock

Burning a hole through the earth

It is you and I

Swallowing shards of lies

Until they pierce our throats 

And we can no longer speak

And we bled together

On this path of dying flowers

Trails of red

Like trials of our lives

When flesh stuck to our bones

Thin as the razor line

Between this world and mine

It was the sweetest bitterness

And it was me and I

Alone who thought

That the flowers bloomed 

For us both

It is I alone that is a fool

Drifting down like a stone

Unbreakable, shakeable

Bleeding worms

You wax poet to an idol 

While your mind idles somewhere else

Loyalty is a fickle thing 

That is sold to the highest bidder

Golden inlets, silver piping 

Gorge yourself on your inner workings

It is dark in your world  

Even sand shines like gems

Betrayal is the curved scimitar

Shaped like the heart

Where it dashes from it

Metal born of fire

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