Bucket List

Subject to become more extensive:

  1. Go deep sea fishing
  2. Ghost hunting
  3. Get lost in a labyrinth
  4. Fight god 
  5. Live on a houseboat
  6. Hate living on a houseboat
  7. Go to Tim Hortons
  8. Dance in a field of flowers in another country while embodying the emotions from The Sound of Music
  9. Become an intern for a ghost hunting crew
  10. Go to an observatory
  11. Tubing
  12. Live/visit Japan
  13. Cry in an aesthetic forest
  14. Laugh at everyone I hate face-to-face
  15. Go to a ball
  16. Ride a horse in a big ball gown
  17. Go scuba diving
  18. Attend a Shangyuan festival in China
  19. Visit Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto, Japan
  20. Walk the Great Wall of China
  21. Travel anywhere and everywhere I can
  22. Be fluent in another language
  23. Say yes more
  24. Go to the Waitomo Glowworm Cave in New Zealand
  25. Go on one of those narrow canoes
  26. Advocate for a cause
  27. Visit a castle
  28. Go on a train ride around the U.S.
  29. Travel the same path Ellie took through Seattle in The Last of Us: Part II
  30. Achieve dreams

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