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Two years ago I thought of myself as an adult. Now, thrown into the abyss, I am a child again. 

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Valleys of the mind go to waste In the tresses foul and stench, like the rotting flesh of policy, political mind. Do you only find the salvation of the sniveling kind,  Beneath the barrel, rum, whiskey, chowder, of your bowed flower-power with wills that bend in the breeze as you hang onto the slightest chance, Continue reading “Perchance”


My body is struggle,  And grief and strife pouring down from the great sands of time;  It’s my Polish mother in the fields to feed her children or the cobbler’s wife scraping together and sewing together, scraps to survive and the first chill of zima,  where women knew, they knew the secret marks of strayContinue reading “sisterhood”


Am I the empty nothing With pockets turned  and pain behind my ear,  To ask and beg forgiveness  from the closed fist,  the nightmares where your ugly face Is the putrid scum splashed on the pages of your petty revenge, counted like fickle Feelings of warmth in your heart;  And yet, I feel myself nothingContinue reading “EMPTY<nothing”


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