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Two years ago I thought of myself as an adult. Now, thrown into the abyss, I am a child again. 

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Sleeping Willows

The resting Styx  Parrots the sky Stuck in time Floating ash and pulling leaves of thyme To count and measure All the individual pleasures Human and inhumane Plucked and discarded To wash ashore, kindred gallow Beneath the sleeping willows 


Those that are farthest In the melting pot of emotions To be dreamed and feathered away to ash Cling to the ideals of tomorrow With gems fixated in the cornea  Of the twinkle in the sky Pale reflections, crystal as solace Calm as illusions cast in the shape  Molded by futures And every possibility toContinue reading “Space”

Published on Spillwords

I am pleased to present my poem published at Spillwords! This poem is very close to my heart and represented the words I held onto during a dark time in my life. Every day, I am glad that I am able to turn that pain into something meaningful and artistic, rather than wallowing in myContinue reading “Published on Spillwords”


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